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March 22nd, 2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by YoginiMomma View Post
I'm planning on breastfeeding until baby weans herself/himself or until 2ish years old. I will NOT give formula.... i don't understand why you would buy processed factory made stuff when your body makes the most perfect food for your baby naturally... and there are ways to increase supply if my boobs for any reason don't make enough. My next door neighbor's baby got deathly ill with salmonella as an infant from the formula that she was given... the mom didn't breastfeed. Most formulas are made with cow's whey and vegetable oils.... not what I want to put in a newborn.

I don't know about giving him/her bottles yet either... I suppose I probably will want the option of being away for more than 2 hours... so I will probably start pumping/giving bottles for my husband/mom to give her/him after a month or two when I'm ready to get back in yoga/the gym/need personal alone time.
I'm glad you're planning to breastfeed to, and I hope you're successful! The above poster mentioned some of the problems women can have when trying to breastfeed.
I am going to try to breastfeed, but I am nervous. When I was a newborn, I was actually ALLERGIC to breastmilk, and after feeding the first time, I was very sick, and then after the second time, I turned blue and stopped breathing. So, some women don't have a choice.
With my DS, I had to have a C-section to save his life. My milk did not come in right away like it did for some ladies. My milk took FOUR weeks to fully come in. Before it did, I literally had black bruises on my nipples, because I let him nurse and nurse and nurse trying to get my body to work and start producing, all the while having to feed formula. I missed out on that bonding that was important to me. I actually found what you said a little offensive/ hurtful to moms who have no choice.

P.S. I turned out completely normal, and so did my son.

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