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March 22nd, 2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by sweety_pie View Post
I'm hoping to Breastfeed, if I am able to keep it up then I'll just be taking it a day at a time and everyday I get to do it the better!
This is the attitude to have! It goes much easier when you take things day by day rather than creating a goal, that at the beginning, seems almost unattainable. I know so many people who have felt that they failed because they didn't make it to their goal, whether it was by choice, baby had problems, they were unable to produce enough milk, etc.

BF my daughter until she was 26 months. I stopped because I was going to have to travel for work, so to ease the transition of me being gone, I weaned her--mom leaving and taking her milk with would have been hard on her. I weaned a few weeks before I left and she was fine while I was gone. I pumped when I was at work until she was a year, but I had issues keeping up with what she would need the next day (my freezer stash was depleted quickly). I would have to wake during the night to get an extra pumping session in so she would have enough.

I plan to BF this one too. As much as I am a supporter of BF, I truly feel that as long as you are providing nourishment to your child, either breastmilk or formula, then you are meeting the needs of your child.

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