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March 22nd, 2013, 10:24 AM
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maybe not, everyone scars differently but her's healed fine and honestly if she asked to do it again next year or whatever I would let her do it again. I have had multiple piercings in my ears and currently only have 1 set of holes, I can't see any scars from the previous ones I let close up. I always wear a pair of earrings, I love earrings LOL The only scar I have from a piercing is my belly button and while if I look I can see it, it is so tiny I don't even notice it, my belly button is more jacked up from being preggo that tiny scar is the least of my concerns. I might get it redone at some point simply because I liked it.

Everyone is gonna have an opinion on this and honestly to me it's just not that big of a deal, ear piercings that is.... facial piercings are also not my thing and tattoos aren't my thing, on other people they are just fine. Whatever floats ones boat is ok with me *shrug* tattooed niece also has a piercing in her nose and I quite like it....on her. I am a play it by ear kinda lady, I don't think I will have to worry about my kids asking for tattoos for a long time so I am not going to form any concrete rules now, they may never ask? who knows, I never asked for a tattoo or anything other than my ears pierced when I was a teen, of course I am old and it wasn't as hip back in the day
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