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March 22nd, 2013, 10:54 AM
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1. Would you return to high school life for a week? Why or why not? Absolutely, no bills or real responisibility where do I sign up?
2. Who were you in high school? I was kind of nerd, but not in an outcast kind of way, I was into theater. I went to an all girls school though where getting good grades and being nerdy made you cool.
3. What was your favorite high school hangout? What did you do there? We would go to the baseball feild after dark and hang out on top of the dugouts a lot lol or a friends whose parents were never home.
4. What were your favorite three songs in high school? Uh hello anything Backstreet Boys lol
5. What was the craziest thing you did in high school? I did a lot of stupid things, I was pretty fearless and good at not getting cought by my parents, we drank often, smoked pot skinny dipped in a strangers pool. We weren't bad kids per say, just rebellious.

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