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March 22nd, 2013, 12:55 PM
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I yell It's 99% of the time when I am overwhelmed. Fighting doesn't bother me (mine are still much younger though, it might when they get older and louder). But I tend to yell if I HAVE to get something done and there are six other demands coming in at once. My brain like short-circuits and it's more about me letting off steam than "needing" to yell to get their attention or something.

I have found a huge trigger time for me is walking in the door after morning errands/activities. The motions of getting kids out of he car, into the house, items in, shoes off, lunches started, and it's generally accompanied by Kieran not wanting down and Liam demanding a specific item to be found or that he wants XYZ for really sends me over the edge. I have been trying to work on lessening stress during that time. But it's a big time of day for yelling.

My husband also is a yeller when he is overwhelmed, but he has such a shorter fuse than I do. We are trying to work on it together.
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