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March 22nd, 2013, 12:58 PM
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I don't think my kids embarrass very easily either, lol.

We did have an incident once, well twice, but I'll only go into detail on one, the other is pretty gross. It wasn't so much embarrassing, as much as it was "why does this happen to us...' sort of thing.
Christmas 2002 I had taken the girls to the mall to see Santa. We had only been out of the hospital maybe a week(and yes, did have the go ahead to take dd out of the house). Unfortunately it was taking a lot longer than anticipated. But, because we prepare for war every time we leave the house, lol, we were ready. I had Alexis-4 walking and Alyssia who was 20 months at the time, in a stroller. She had recently been in the hospital for about a month and was still a little wobbly on her legs too long. She had her ng in at the time. In fact that was why we were going to see Santa, she wanted to see him and the next week we were going back in for a lengthy stay and her surgery to have her mic-key g-tube put in. She decided she was having none of the stroller, so she got up and was playing around with all the other little impatient toddlers and kids. She had a kangaroo pack at the time for her pump but was way too little to actually carry it(she was smaller than most 11 month olds at the time). The pump, which was at the time hooked to her ng tube, was in the stroller, in the pack. She had a relatively long length of tubing from her ng to the actual pump so she could move around freely for the most part. But...she went to far really fast before I could stop her. Normally this would yank her, hurt her, possibly pull the ng, but other than that, cause no issues. More startling than anything else. That's not what happened though. I must not have plugged her in as tight as I thought, because the port on the pump tubing yanked out of her ng, and hit the ground. Of course, it was pumping at the time. She was on EO28 at the time, which back then they had one sort..the orange pineapple. It was(is) this nasty, horridly smelling(and tasting) liquid that stained just about anything it touched and was sticky as all get out. What a mess. The pump doesn't pump very fast, but, a little liquid on a hard floor like that, yeah, it spreads, and fast. It spreads even faster when you're trying to fumble to turn the dang thing off, while also trying to keep not just your kids, but others away from the mess. Especially while the parents of those darling little cherubs are just standing there staring at you, or worse, complaining.
Dd just stood there, looked at me and said "ooo mommy u did eeeeet". Thanks kiddo... thanks. I got some pretty nasty looks from people. But thankfully there was a mom a few people back from me who had a little guy with her who also had special needs, and I am assuming, could relate. She came over to help me try and clean up the mess, and had someone go find a mall employee to let them know, so someone could properly clean it. They were worried about "contaminates" until I explained what it was, lol.
I don't know why people gave me ugly looks we weren't holding the line up, he wasn't even there at the moment, it was Santa's break time. but, yeah. Every time we see a Santa line, it brings back fond memories.
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