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March 22nd, 2013, 01:35 PM
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So I am 39 weeks today (yay!!!) and I complied like a good little patient and preregistered yesterday at L&D. My doctor told me any day is fine to go into labor except Saturday because he has a test that day. SO, since this guy gets on my nerves so bad and the last thing I want to do while pushing a baby out is to be argued with or even cussed at (yes the guy cusses during my appts) I would like the baby to be a sweet little girl and come out in the morning if not, I will dread the phone call Monday morning letting them know I am too sick to deliver that day. And then they will probably try to reschedule me. I don't know why I am allowing myself to feel so pressured, but I do

I want her to choose her birthday and I would love to have an Easter baby but then I would miss out spending that day with my other kids and that makes me sad to think about! and dh will be out of town monday-friday next week. SO it's either this weekend or I will have to cross my legs all next week until April 1st!

Y'all send me some labor vibes!!!!
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