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March 22nd, 2013, 01:48 PM
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12 weeks 5 days March 22 2013
Ob visit (X-posted)
I had an OB visit yesterday evening and I finally got to meet her! ( My last appt was with the NP) I peed in a cup. She did a pap :/ She has given me a referral to Fetal maternal medicine. They will be calling and setting up an appt with me for the first trimester screening ( NT scan + blood test) AND/OR the MaterniT21. I emphasized that I was only interested in the MaterniT21, but she insisted that she refer me for both and have them explain to me about both after which I can make my decision

My insurance says it covers both 100% . But DH made the call and he did not ask all the right is it still covered even if I am not categorized as high risk? etc.

We heard the baby's heartbeat. She said it was in the 160s and sounded pretty close to the surface & wouldn't be surprized if I started feeling baby. I was impressed!

When I mentioned about SPD & Chiropractors & how PT had not been much help the last time around, she kept saying, still it would be a good idea to get the belt at around 20 weeks. She had nothing against me seeing a chiropractor, but as far as she knew they cant help much with this problem either. Of course she can refer me to a PT again if I wished!!

Finally she made me get the Flu shot!! Not to start a debate here. DD is fully vaxed. But I have never had much faith in the Flu shot. We have given it to her 2 out her 4 winters( when she has been going to daycare) I have never had it in my 11 yrs of living in the USA. I just know its R & D'd & manufactured in such a short time and the protection rate is so low, plus there are risks associated. The risks vs benefits just doesn't add up for me.... Any how, she was pretty persuasive and had me get the Flushot right there and assured me that I will be getting one in September as well!! I just told myself I am picking my battles. But I wish I didn't have any battles at all with my OB!! Hmm...I so hope she does bulldoze over me during labor and have me end up with all sorts of interventions

That was it - I will be seeing Fetal maternal medicine in a few days hopefully and wont have another appt until next month.

General update
The nausea has been there on and off for me. Today has been ok..but a cpl days back, I had nausea which woke me up in the middle of the night! Yuck! I threw up so much stomach acid and bile that morning. I had to take two zofran yesterday, but didn't throw up. Today I haven't taken any zofran yet, but I feel yucky. The SPD pain seems to have worsened. I am not able to lift my legs up one at a time. Today I drove DH's car and its been so painful getting in and out of it. I drive the minivan which is much easier to get into! Nothing else much to update. Scheduled the fetal maternal medicine appt for Tuesday March 26th.
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