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March 22nd, 2013, 02:25 PM
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I need sleep. So badly I am exhausted but I cant sleep. Either I cant get comfortable or my brain just wont shut off. Ive used every trick I can think of to try to sleep and nothing seems to work. And then when I fall asleep then it seems like DD wakes me up as shes been waking up insanely early. I havent slept more than 3 hours a night in over a week and I certainly havent gotten any REM sleep. Its often just me closing my eyes and laying there as my mind goes a thousand miles an hour.
And then my DH has been complaining about being tired lately. Hes sleeping 8 hours a night...and he comes home from work...a office job...and falls asleep on the couch while I cook dinner. Then after dinner while I am bathing DD and getting her ready for bed he again dozes off on the couch. He hasnt done any of his usual feeding the dogs or taking out the trash. Giving me more to do. And today he called in to work. Just so he could sleep. So when DD woke at 7 it was still me that got up with her. Then he laid on the couch so i thought i could snag a nap....nope he and DD came into the bed 20 minutes after i went in there. So i went out with DD to the playroom and he slept til almost 11. And now hes napping again. I wanna smack him. And i wanna cry. I want to sleep soooo bad. Anyone else having sleep problems?

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