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March 22nd, 2013, 03:35 PM
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I'm Tasha. (Natasha). I'm normally on here a heck of a lot more often, but lately life has been a little hectic. I know you ladies get it

Intro. Hmmmm. Well... I'm turning 24 on the 24th of this month, and to be honest it seem scary I know that 24 isn't old, but it just seems like such a bigger, rounder number than 23.

I have a beautiful little girl, who just turned 4 last month. She is absolutely everything important to me in life and so much more. She keeps me smiling, laughing, frustrated and so many other emotions I never thought I'd experience. I love being a mom and I couldn't picture my life any other way.

I'm currently separated from my husband. Things got rough a couple years ago, I separated for 9 months, moved back in and it's just now beginning to go South again. But I'm more ok with it this time around. I've had my confirmation that it's not working out.

My dad was in the Navy growing up, and I have a ridiculous amount of pride in that considering I didn't serve my country I grew up in a Christian household... Went to church on Saturday's growing up (my mom is Seventh Day Adventist) and Sunday's when I was a teen. I went to youth group through most of my highschool life, as well as went to major youth conventions. It felt so right at the time, until I started having beliefs and opinions that didn't match the Bible or the Church. Things kind of went south from there. It caused issues with my first boyfriend, and when he started to try and shove the belief down my throat I strayed away from it.

I was just kind of... A wanderer? For many years. Not believing in anything concrete, but was busy with life. I graduated, started working and then got pregnant. I was 19 and wasn't sure where my life was going.

A couple years after my daughter was born, I remember coming on SL here on JM and giving a short intro and stating what I believed in. I was told I sounded like a lot of what I believed in was similar to being Pagan. I introduced myself on the Pagan board and have been bouncing back and forth ever since!! I love all the ladies and am happy with where my life is going in that aspect.

The only part of my life that always seems to be up in the air is my love life I'm happy with my spiritual life for the most part, I always enjoy more guidance and knowledge, but I don't feel lost. I'm happy with myself, (not body wise but personality ) and the type of person I am and I'm confident as a mother... Most days My love life always seems to be all over the place.

Between issues and tension between Chris (ex husband) and feelings that never disappeared from Kane (twin flame).

I don't know if I've shared too much or not enough haha. I guess that's what the questions are for
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