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March 22nd, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Do you yell? Yes... Are you trying to yell less? Yes.
What are some things you find yourself yelling about? Safety issues, property damage issues, mainly. I will also sometimes bang my hand hard on the wall or table and that tends to get her attention a little more but is basically the same as yelling, in terms of me expressing anger.
What are some things that help you not to yell? Being well rested, relaxed, fed, and zen M does not even react to yelling except to imitate me (feels like mocking me!) so I know it is totally counterproductive, especially with her personality. I go easy on myself about it and don't feel guilt ridden because I know the toddler years are challenging, and over time I am growing more habituated to her boundary testing and developing better/gentler parenting habits, but I do aim to prevent yelling and rein myself in asap.

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