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March 22nd, 2013, 08:27 PM
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I would meet with the care providers before making a decision. Once meeting with them I would make sure that you ask all the questions you want to ask -- go with a list! If you feel that there are any red-flags, I'd be wary IMO. Also, see if your area has an ICAN group or at least one near you.

Here's some of the questions I asked:
What is your primary c/s rate?

Approximately how many VBACs have you attended?

Of those patients in your practice who wanted a VBAC, how many were

How many times have you seen uterine ruptures and what were the out comes?

What is your rate of cesarean sections and under what circumstances do you usually advise them?

Who is your back-up?* Is he/she VBAC friendly?* Would he/she support my birth plan?

What do you think of Birth Plans/ Preferences?

How do you usually manage a postdate pregnancy?* Or a suspected Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)?

Do you have a vacation scheduled near my estimated due date?

What’s a reasonable length of time for a VBAC labor if I’m healthy and my baby appears to be healthy? When do you consider it a "failed trial of labor"?

True emergency c-section - how long does it take to get mom to OR and baby born? what kind of incision used?

*Do you know any kind of restriction I should expect from the hospital on a VBAC?* (Who do I need to have policy exceptions approved through?)

How many people can I have with me during the labor and birth?*

How do you feel about doulas?*

What is your usual recommendation for IVs?* Pitocin?* Confinement to bed?* AROM?

What’s your approach if the bag of waters has broken at full term but the mothers feels no contractions?

How often do women in your care give birth un-medicated?* How many with minimal medication?* In what percentage of your patients do you induce labor?

Do you do breech deliveries?

What would you suggest if I had a breech baby?* (Before labor?* During?)

What process do you use to determine nuchal cord or any complication?

Would you be willing to do an u/s to determine what the cause of the problem (i.e. mom says baby is stuck and ends up with a c/s due to nuchal arm) truly is?

At what point do you arrive at the hospital during labor/delivery? Will we be able to have you specifically in the event of a transfer?

What labor positions do you recommend to your patients? Do you encourage movement during labor?

How much fetal monitoring do you routinely use during labor?* Intermittent?

How many times do you preform cervical checks during labor?

Do you allow light eating/ drinking during labor?

Are you OK with No IV – but a Hep Lock?

Required Epidural for vbac moms?

Possible to have Epidural instead of general if need c-section upon transfer as long as we have the time to do so?

What do you consider unassuring FHTs and when do you consider FHTs to become a problem?
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