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March 23rd, 2013, 02:57 AM
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Those are beautiful pictures. Nevaeh is just lovely. And I can see you in her.

I am LOVING your short hair cut, Tasha. It really suits you and it makes you seem sassy, fiery and short.

Happy birthday for tomorrow!!!! Awww hon, if you're scared turning 24, how'd you think I feel, I turn 38 in May! Seriously though I do know what you mean, though I experienced it turning 23. The early twenties are almost sorta like honorary teenage years. When I was done being 22, it felt like I had to "grow up".

Incidentally, though, I still haven't. I think in my head I'm 22 forever.

I LOVE that picture of you and Kane.
I'm so interested in your twin flame relationship, as it has been a particular preoccupation of mine this incarnation.
Is it one of those "star-crossed" things where you can't be together this lifetime or at the present moment?
I can see you are definitely TFs just looking at the picture. You have the same energy signature.

And, some more questions.

I love your lip piercing. Where else are you pierced, and would you like to get any more piercings in the future?
Where do you stand on piercings for Nevaeh?
You said you believe in past lives. Do you know of any of your own past lives, what were they and how did you find out?
Do you believe you've known Nevaeh before in a previous life?

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