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March 23rd, 2013, 09:42 AM
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A little freaked out with I have 4 weeks left ! I thought I was ready but I don't feel ready anymore lol I keep going over everything I have to make sure I have what I need ! My bag is not fully packed yet either! I see ladies on here going early which is making me bats*it crazy ! I am so freaked out about labor and delivery with all its unknowns ! I can't clean enough for my liking or set up anything cutesy because we live in one room so it's really tight which is making me crazy with my nesting phase ! I have an ultrasound Tuesday to see her size and if she is still head down and a regular appointment with the GBS test as well as seeing if I'm dialated or thinned ( we are keeping an eye out because my SOs work is far away and he parks at a McDonalds and someone else picks him up to bring him the rest of the way so they don't have to pay gas for their workers so we are going to do weekly cervix checks to see when's the best time he should start driving all the way since they will not stop work to bring him back)

Just venting!

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