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March 23rd, 2013, 10:54 AM
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Those are really great questions...I am going to bookmark this list

Just wanted to add that even if you don't find someone who will answer all of those questions the right way, please don't give up. A VBAC under less-than-ideal circumstances is still better than a c-section.

Case in point...I delivered at a hospital (had no choice) that had 16 OBs...4 would attend VBACs, but only 2 would do it since I was having twins. I had to deliver in an OR, flat on my back, couldn't eat or drink, had to have an IV and an epidural (I just had to have the catheter placed but didn't have to get any meds in it)...absolutely everything I didn't want. Baby A was a forceps delivery...something I feel could have been avoided if I could have labored differently. STILL, I would take a VBAC over a c-section any day of the week.

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