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March 23rd, 2013, 01:31 PM
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What the heck is wrong with my DF!?!?!?!?!
Last night he cut his hair. We keep the hair trimmer, nail clippers, razors, etc in a box under the bathroom sink.
He left it out instead of putting it away.
At some point this morning K got a razor. DF took it from her and PUT IT ON THE FREAKING END TABLE instead of putting it away.
I'm purging the house so have been up and downstairs all day so I had no idea it was there.
Come back in the house from hauling more stuff to the dumpster and there stands K with a razor in her mouth and blood everywhere.
She didn't even cry but I flipped my ****. WTH is wrong with men??? How does it never seem to occur to my DF that its stupid and dangerous and flat freaking negligent to leave knives and razors and nails and screwdrivers and tons of other **** where our curious 19 month old can get it??!?!?!
UGH!!!! I'm just livid.

And on another note.....what kind of kid slices her tongue wide open in two places and doesn't cry? Even ate pizza not 10 minutes after it stopped bleeding without so much as a peep except for num num num.....
Almost freaks me out worse. DF leaves dangerous crap out and she doesn't cry when she gets hurt.

I think I'm gonna start throwing everything he leaves out in the flipping garbage. Maybe he'll freaking learn

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