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March 23rd, 2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by AmyLM View Post
My oldest had colic and for 3 months, every night st 5, the screaming would start. It was awful. Really truly awful. I gave her mylicon drops, dh and I would hold her in a hammock made out of a blanket and swing her back and forth. That worked but when we stopped the screaming would continue. Then I discovered the happiest baby on the block. The shooshing /shaking /swaddling worked wonders!
I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. I googled that video and book and finally got to watch it today. All week I struggled with a fussy baby who would not stay asleep when I put him down and I watched that video. I tried the techniques while watching it and my baby has been sleeping by himself for over 2 hours! I haven't had a free arm in 3 weeks unless we did the sling but he weighs so much that hurts my back.

Anyone else dealing with a baby that fusses or doesn't want to be put down, get this now!
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