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March 23rd, 2013, 04:21 PM
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Lily got her ears pierced at 3. She asked for it for a long time, we were upfront about the pain, but she had them done and followed the rules about not playing with her earrings or taking them out. I would allow maybe one more hole in her ears as a teenager, but that's it. Anything else she will have to wait until 18 and use her own money.

I pierced my belly button at 18 and kept it until I was 25. I have a a hole still and a lovely stretch mark scar from pregnancy around it. I don't regret it. I was young, but I knew that it wouldn't just disappear when I stopped wearing the ring. I got second holes in my ears at 18 but they never healed so I took them out. No scar there. I got my tattoo at 19. I knew enough to place it in a discreet location so that it would not be something that would show at a job interview. I plan on getting at least one more tattoo. I guess my parents were lucky because I put thought into my piercing/tattooing decisions.

I plan on talking to the girls about tattoos as they get older. They know I have one, but they need to understand what is considered socially acceptable if they plan to have a career. They need to understand that a tattoo should be meaningful because it is permanent. They need to know that it should be done only at a safe, reputable place.

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