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March 23rd, 2013, 08:14 PM
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My 14 yr old dd was lifting Colton over the gate into the kitchen today when it all of a sudden let go and she fell forward on top of the gate , on top if Colton! I was standing right there and even though his leg has a couple of bruises he is totally fine. She was so concerned checking him, kissing his head.... Staying by his side until I could calm him down. She all of a sudden stood up and started towards her room. I knew she was upset so I called her back. My poor girl was sobbing her heart out. My heart broke for her. She cried telling me she was so scared, she could've hurt him. So we talked it out, reassuring her he was ok and I was so relieved she wasn't hurt either. A little later she was helping me to cut up veggies for dinner, she slips in an 'I love you mom'. Awww. What a wonderful big sister for my little man. And a precious daughter for me.
Just wanted to share.
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