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March 23rd, 2013, 08:38 PM
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Chickadee, first I just want to say, I'm sorry you are going thru this! I know its hard.. I don't have much advice, I do not BF. My daughter did have some tummy troubles (extremely painful gas) and I had to switch formula several times before trying soy. Thankfully, the horribly painful gas stopped once she was on a soy formula. I understand how hard it is seeing your baby in pain and not being able to stop it because you don't know what you can do. I also know how hard it is dealing with an inconsolable baby, I went thru it for a few weeks until we figured out a solution.

The reason I decided to respond in this thread, is because I saw someone mention that you try gripe water, and you said that you haven't tried it because your baby isn't colicky. I also recommend trying the gripe water. It isn't just for colicky babies. It is also to relieve gas, stomach discomfort, and it can also be given to babies when they have the hiccups and it will stop them almost immediately. When I was in the midst of trying to figure out how to ease my daughters painful gas issue, I went out and bought gripe water. That stuff works miracles. My daughter was so uncomfortable, that she slept horribly for nearly two weeks, until I got the gripe water and would give it to her before bed. Gas drops didn't help, but the gripe water did. I was giving to her up to six times a day (the box says it can be given up to six times a day) until I figured out she needed a soy formula. I still buy it, just in case, and also use it sometimes when she gets hiccups.

Anyway, sorry for butting into your convo, just thought I might be able to help out. I really hope that you are able to resolve your sons reflux issues asap
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