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March 23rd, 2013, 08:46 PM
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I was sure I was pregnant, which is so strange because I honestly never have symptoms (I have one DS who will be 2 next sunday, and lost a baby at the end of January) except for KNOWING in a strange, serene, without a shadow of a doubt way that I am pregnant.

I tested with FRER (after I found out because I went to get my BC shot and wasn't able to get it... eep) and got a very faint BFP, went and got a digital and got 'pregnant', then obsessively peed again tonight and got a much darker FRER. I'm very nervous because I had an early loss two months ago, but seeing that test get that much darker in just 12 hrs time makes me feel better.

I am excited to join the DDC- hopefully this one will be as amazing as my son's was/is. Looking forward to getting to know everyone! And some serious baby/sticky dust to everyone in the TWW and those that just got their BFP's. Let's keep 'em comin'!!

(Will post my POAS pics in a moment for those that love the pics, haha)

[Edit: Tests in post #10]

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