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March 23rd, 2013, 10:15 PM
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Crystal (and everyone else), thank you (truly) for the reply and suggestions. I think I will give the gripe water a try. I started the elimination diet on Wed and my son has had only one painful reflux episode in the last two days (still vomiting, but he's not screaming and squirming in pain after eating), so something is working. Unfortunately he's still have a lot of lower GI issues - plenty of gas and diarrhea. I am sure the diarrhea is a food intolerance issue, so hopefully I just need to get whatever the allergens are out of my system to get him some relief from that. In the meantime though, maybe the gripe water will help the associated gas. Anything to get him (and us) some relief. Oh, and he definitely has hiccups multiple times each day. It will be nice to get rid of those for him.

The elimination diet sucks, truly. I am eating nothing but turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, zucchini, and pears, plus olive oil, salt and pepper. Nothing to drink except water and diluted pear juice. I'm not getting enough food in, and am so beat. I can't wait until I can start adding some foods back in and can figure out what, exactly, is causing the issues.

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