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March 24th, 2013, 12:06 AM
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Based on my temps (still not clear if it's right because I'm still congested) I don't think I O'd yet. I think it might be happening soon, so we have been BDing this weekend. Either that, or we're just enjoying ourselves before AF comes. Because I'm sure not having any symptoms

We are visiting my parents, and let them know that we are TTCing and that we are probably going to get into TTC-MA soon. For those of you keeping track, my parents had trouble conceiving me, so it was funny - my dad's reaction was that just thinking about it brought back all the stress they went through conceiving me. It was a really nice conversation though, and I'm glad we did it. We are going to DH's parents tomorrow, and we will spend a few days with them, and likely let them know as well while we are there. We thought about doing it all together, but given that we wanted them to be able to respond and ask questions etc., it seemed better to give them space to do it without the other in-laws there. They like each other and are friends, but sometimes more people just means less space to respond.

I feel like it's a new era for our trying though - and I hope it brings good karma. It was really hard to tell them, and I'm glad we did it. So yeah. Oh boy!
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