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March 24th, 2013, 12:33 PM
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One thing that bugs me a little is that someone who is pro hospital can go on at length and loudly about how great hospitals and hospital births are, or how not having them is dangerous, or that it makes no sense to go through that pain for "nothing" etc, and that's fine. No one says a cross word about it. But if you did the same thing about natural birth (talked at length about all the benefits, etc) then people say you are "full of yourself" of "judgmental" or "on a high horse". I think this is why a lot of natural birthing mamas don't talk about their experiences quite as much.

Oh, or when you try to, you get 10 words out before you are interrupted for someone to give their hour long speech on how great hospital births are and how they could never have any other kind of birth, and then when you try again to say something, they change the subject and won't let you get in a word. Unfortunately, there is a lady who does this about EVERYTHING in our circle of moms. For example, she'll go on about how right her political choices are, and then if you mention yours and they are different from hers, she'll say "Oh, I just don't talk about politics or religion because it's not appropriate." It's like, hello, you were JUST talking about politics. She just doesn't want anyone ELSE to talk about them so tries to guilt people out of speaking up so they can't disagree with her.

Okay, that turned into a rant about something else oops
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