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March 24th, 2013, 02:09 PM
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It's very frustrating and cruel!! Excuse my language but it's a complete mind f***!!!
I think lelila is spot-on with what she wrote.

For me, my son made it full term, we were past all the 'danger zones' and I don't understand what went wrong. I wasn't given any answers as to WHY we lost him, no one knows. We never had any issues large or small, everything was perfect the whole time, every blood pressure reading, everything-perfect. I never once was given a bad sign, "So how can the Drs explain that one" you may be wondering?? The reasoning they gave me behind the death of my son was that it was a fluke, sometimes it just happens. A fluke? A FLUKE?!!

Well FLUKE them!!
I'm sorry I'm not helping, but Yes, this makes me so angry!! ((hugs))

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