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March 24th, 2013, 07:08 PM
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Hi Ladies!!

I didn't read back to see what all I missed so I hope everyone is doing OK.

Friday night we did something that I wasn't sure I was ready for - we left our 2 weeks away from being 14 year old home and "in charge" with her younger brothers while DH and I went "out" shopping with friends. We took Squeakers with us, but it still felt like a "date" with just one. We shopped (Walmart) for our oldest son's birthday party (was yesterday) and then had a late dinner at Taco Bell, and our friends' insisted on treating us and wouldn't let us pay. I was nervous about leaving the kids at first, but it was fine. We had left them watching The Life of Pi, and when the movie was over the boys put themselves to bed and our DD waited on the couch for us lol She was sound asleep when we got home. Now that I know it was OK, I think we'll do it again lol Not too often though. Once a month maybe.

Yesterday we had a houseful of friends and family to celebrate a belated birthday with our oldest son. We all had a great time, and our last guest didn't leave until 11 pm!! So two nights in a row I've been up past midnight and I'm so not used to that!!

Today I realized the kids have this whole week off for Spring Break!! I had a moment of panic when I realized my pantry wasn't ready! We did some quick inventory of what is here, made a list of what we needed to turn my meat stash into meals, and ran to the store. $30 later, and we're ready for the week ahead. I was pretty excited that I was able to plan some meals out of my pantry and only need to buy $30 more in groceries for the week!

We worked outside some today, hooked the garden wagon to the riding mower and gave the kids wagon rides, farm chores, and watched Nascar. Dinner was stuffed shells. Now I'm ready for a warm bath and bed.

Tomorrow I plan to have the kids paint some little flower pots for Easter and I have some flower seeds (marigolds) for them to plant in their little pots.

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