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March 24th, 2013, 07:36 PM
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As some of you know mine and dh's SIL is expecting a baby. She is due on July 25th. She and I must have O'd around the same time that month because I had looked up what my due date would be if we conceived and it was July 25th. Well she got her BFP and I got af I bawled my eyes out when I found out she was pregnant. I believe (but can't remember for certain now) that af had showed 3 days before we found out she was pregnant. Don't get me wrong I am very happy for them but at the same time it hurts me, too, because they tried for 6-8 months at the most before getting their BFP and we are on our 17 cycle/month now

We go out to eat with my 2 BIL's and SIL every weekend or every other weekend if the one BIL has to work. I have to admit that I have stayed home many times and not gone out to eat with them since our SIL has got pg. I avoided going after they found out they were having a baby boy because I knew that would be the topic of conversation that night (I was right, it was!).

Well lastnight we went out and ate at Western Sizzlin. I had no sooner sat down from getting my food at the buffet when my SIL came over and showed me 5 or 6 u/s pics of my nephew Isaac. The very bottom one was pointing at his boy parts and said "I'm a boy." My DH came to the table as his other brother was looking at them and when my DH handed them back to our SIL he said that he wished that the u/s pics were of his baby boy. It just about broke my heart

I have really tried to not think about it today but every time I remember my DH saying these words it just makes me feel like I am failing him and me by not being pg by now I know that my DH really wants a baby and I feel like my body hates me and is letting us both down!!

I am afraid that I am just making up all the symptoms that I have been having because I am wanting a baby so bad 2WW waits suck and I am really hoping and praying that I get my BFP this cycle!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I just feel like a horrible person sometimes because although I am happy for my BIL & SIL I still feel jealous that it isn't my DH and I having a baby

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