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March 24th, 2013, 08:11 PM
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ah Katy I know it sucks. It's perfectly normal for you feel that way. We've only been at it 11 months now and every month my DH will make comments to me like well maybe your pregnant. I don't have the heart to explain to him that you don't even really have symptoms until you've missed your period. But every month I feel like I let him down. Last night he asked me how long I was planning on trying. I told him I didn't know to be honest. I think he's starting to lose hope as am I.

Try to act excited for your SIL because your time is coming and I know she will be excited for you. It might actually get easier for you once the baby is born. Your feelings are very normal.

This is your month Katy, speak it, believe it and pray it!

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