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March 24th, 2013, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by keekopeeko View Post
Like when it comes up and you say "I'm going to try for a natural birth" and they rudely declare "oh you'll give up as soon as it gets intense!"
That's exactly the kind of thing I've had already - people telling me I'll want that epidural as soon as the contractions start, that natural birth is crazy, and that epidurals and inductions are not dangerous at all (because if they were, we would have heard about it from someone we know - uh HELLO, this isn't the center of the universe and uneducated opinions do not beat out research and evidence). I actually had one person laugh at me and (I'm sure what she thought was diplomatically) say that I'm naive and will change my mind when the time comes. NONE of these people attempted or even thought about natural birth. By their own words they went in planning to have an epidural, and some even asked and insisted on induction as soon as possible. So how do ANY of them know what it's like to attempt a natural birth, or how hard it is, when they walked in the door asking for drugs? How do ANY of them know what I am capable of when I haven't even tried yet?

What eats me up the most is that I listened to their labor and birth stories, and never once did I chime in to say, "You know inductions are really dangerous for babies," or "Epidurals and inductions tend to lead to longer, more difficult labors and increase the risk of complications." I respect their decisions because they have a right to them. Why do I not have a right to mine as well? And if I say something in defense of my decision - not in criticism of theirs - I'm just a naive fool who doesn't know anything. Why do they have a right to express their thoughts, but I do not have the same?

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