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March 24th, 2013, 11:46 PM
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Hello Ame!

I am pretty sure we are Facebook friends. friends I never post here but I do belong. I lost Seth last September. I am already 14 weeks pregnant again. I cannot imagine going through your loss like you did. My loss was tempered by having had three losses in six months and then having Beau my Rainbow baby. Those losses did not make my still birth hurt any less but I knew with every fiber of my being that things would eventually get better. Something I could never believe in the throes of multiple losses...

Of my losses I personally found my chemical loss to be the worst. It was so like a normal cycle I was left wondering how many angels in heaven call me mommy?

Since I am pregnant you can tell we jumped back into ttc. I had two motivators, one my age, and two I found a cheat. With my losses so close together and my rainbow baby so close behind there are no empty chairs at my table because I could not have had any of those babies and Beau too. The reality of Beau is stronger than the angels in heaven. I also try to NEVER EVER think, say or imagine my angels any where but in heaven. One my angeliversaries I imagine them perfect cherubs in heaven not as two o r three year olds in my house, heart or lives.
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