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March 25th, 2013, 12:15 AM
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YES! I get SO angry as well! I found out I was pregnant during a trip to the ER after an awful athsma attack and also was told it was triplets! Two identical and one in its own sack, and much smaller than the other. Before I got to the day of my first prenatal apt a week or so later I started spotting, and then bleeding and made another late night ER trip only to have them tell me everything looked fine, and I shouldn't be concerned unless it started to be accompanied by cramping and pain, heavy bleeding soaking a pad or included clots and it ended in four days without any of these occurring one bit, but they were all without heartbeat at my follow up another week after. They called it TT&TC, typically with identical same sack pregnancies and I just don't understand any one part of it at all. It still makes me angry. To make matters worse some people made statements about me making the whole thing up because of what they found from the internet. Must I show everyone I know a picture of my dead babies? NO. It feels morbid of me to do so, and now at week 9 of a new pregnancy I am still affected by it. I hate when people comfort and talk people out of critical care!
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