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March 25th, 2013, 05:13 AM
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I just thought I'd check in and update you all on how Dexter and I are doing.

Here's my birth story in case you're interested. I went into hospital at midday on the 16th March to be induced as Dexter was showing absolutely no signs of coming on his own. After filling out paperwork and baby being monitored for an hour the midwife finally gave me the first lot of gel at 3pm to try to kick start contractions. For the next few hours I spent my time walking around and bouncing on a birthing ball to help labour progress. From around 7pm I was getting contractions but they weren't regular or particularly painful. Then at 8.30pm the midwife came round to monitor the baby again and see how I was doing. She left me on the monitor for 30 minutes during which time my contractions really intensified and I had to really concentrate and breathe through them. By the time she came back I was pleading for gas & air as I was in so much pain (another midwife explained they don't have gas & air on the induction ward but I could have a bath to help ease the pain. I was beyond having a bath at this point!), so she checked me and I was 4cm dilated so they decided to move me to the labour ward. I got onto the labour ward at 9.30pm and immediately they gave me gas & air but in all honesty it didn't do much to relieve the pain as the contractions were back to back and so intense. I've never felt pain like it, I honestly thought I was dying! Straight away they hooked me up to an IV drip for antibiotics, which turned out to be pointless as they like you to have been on the drip for four hours before baby is born and I was on it for 25 minutes before Dexter was out! I shouted at the midwives that I needed an epidural to which they replied there's no point, your baby is crowning and you need to push! An episiotomy, a second degree tear and 10 minutes of pushing and Dexter was born. After only 45 minutes on the labour ward I'd had my baby! He was placed on my chest for all of about 10 seconds before he was whisked away so the doctors could see to him - he needed a little help breathing and wouldn't cry so he had to be taken to neonatal straight away. I was still high as a kite from the gas & air at this point and in shock from such a quick delivery. After being stitched up I was encouraged to go for a shower, although I was extremely resistant to moving off the bed as I really didn't feel well at this point. I had a quick shower but because I was so weak and had lost a large amount of blood (which I didn't know at this point) I ended up passing out. I was left on a bed on the labour ward to be monitored, get some rest and come round. By the time I was well enough to go and see Dexter in neonatal it was 6am on Sunday morning - he was born at 10.15am on Saturday evening.

Needless to say after all that trauma I am glad to be home with him. I'm absolutely shattered and on iron supplements for severe anaemia - I narrowly avoided having a blood transfusion - so the simplest of tasks leaves me feeling exhausted. Dexter is doing incredibly well after his stay in neonatal and is feeding like a champ. I am so in love with him and thankfully Zach and Mischa love having a new baby brother.
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