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March 25th, 2013, 07:21 AM
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You also have t remember that gagging is different than real choking. At this age they have a chew and swallow reflex instead of just a suck one so they are only going to choke if the food is slippery and round like a grape or hot dog coin, or if they are messing around like laughing or walking with the food in their mouth. Otherwise they will chew it and if they try to swallow a piece that I'd took big they will gag it up and that is perfectly normal. There are many safe fops you can start with. Cheerios,avocado,peas,diced cooked carrots, small pieces of cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, mashed and diced potatoes, rice, ect. All of these items would be physically impossible to come on because of the size so there is no worry!

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