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March 25th, 2013, 08:37 AM
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The toy I would like to review is the Infantino Jittery Lion:

Infantino Plush Lion Vibrating Vibrates Crinkle Rattle | eBay

This is a really good toy for this age group. You can attach it to baby's activity mat, stroller, car seat, etc and it provides instant entertainment. It is colorful and interesting for baby to look at, the feet act as a rattle, it vibrates when you pull it down, and the mane is made of that crinkly material. What I like about this toy is it is that it can be played with no matter what baby's mood is. If he's in a chill mood, it's a good cuddle toy, if he's in a playful mood, the rattle or vibration is exciting for baby. Personally I really like how this toy is multisensory without going overboard with it. Some toys try to incorporate so many things (crinkles, taggies, rattle, teether, etc.), but this toy has a good balance of things baby can explore without being overwhelming.

I have two complaints. First, the legs tend to get tangled and sometimes Caleb gets his fingers stuck in them. It's not a big deal as it can't hurt him, but it upsets him when it happens. Second, it can't really be washed. I mean, you can wish it with a rag, but that doesn't get all the baby nastiness off of it.

Not a great picture of the lion, but you can see how happy Caleb is playing with it.
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