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March 25th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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Katydae88 not meaning to sound rude just trying to help but hows your diet I have read adding more fresh fruits, veges & cutting out some things like caffeine, sugars, and saturated fats boosts your chances of getting pregnant by a bunch my cousin is a thin girl but the dr told her to start taking prenantals, load up on fresh fruits & veges, exercise daily even if its just walking, and lose 20 lbs (I didnt think she had that much to lose like I said she is thin) and she got pregnant right away you may want to try that. I am trying to do the same myself. If you are doing all that and still not conceiving you may want to ask your dr about putting you on something like clomid or some fertility drug mayde it will up your chances, but I do know how you feel my son Cayden (my only child) was stillborn he had a cord accident, I was full term and everybody else around me was getting pregnant and their baby be perfectly fine which I am so happy none of them had to go thru this. I hope that helps I pray for you to get your bfp be praying for us also. lots of baby dust to you I truly hope I helped. fx for you good luck
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