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March 25th, 2013, 09:43 AM
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What is the hardest thing you have been through as a parent so far? Living in the hospital for 4 weeks with the twins while DH cared for Claire. I really wanted to clone myself so I could be everywhere at once.
What about parenting has been the easiest for you? Following my instincts. I just know what feels right and I'm not afraid to go with my gut...even when others might think I'm nuts.
Is there anything that was easier or harder than you expected? Consistency is hard for me. When I feel overwhelmed and/or exhausted it is so tempting to let Claire get away with something or not be consistent in what we do. I have to continually remind myself that consistency now will make things easier later.

The "fun" parts are easier than I expected. That probably sounds silly to some, but I'm kind of an uptight, high-strung person I have been surprised at how easily I'm able to relax with the kids and just be silly and play...I love it!

Melissa & DH
IVF babies Claire (5), Abigail (3) and George (3)

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