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March 25th, 2013, 10:22 AM
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There needs to be more teachers like my daughter's surgeon. He always made sure I was there for rounds while she was recovering, always asked my opinion on how she was doing and what she needed, and stressed to his interns/residents that the parents were an important part of the team because they are the experts when it comes to the child and parental input affects what and how you treat. After surgery, Izzy's recovery was rough and she was having several complications. Dr. W asked me what she needed--to be held and to nurse. The students were all oh, no, that can't happen while she still has chest tubes. Dr W tells them that we'll have to be careful but we need to make it happen because mom knows baby best. So she was carefully lifted to my lap a couple of times and over the next few hours she stabilized if all doctors were like him, I'd be ecstatic
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