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March 25th, 2013, 10:50 AM
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What milestones has your LO reached recently?
She is going absolutely crazy with meeting milestones. She has started being able to communicate really clearly with us about things that happened to her recently. If we go to the library and see her friend Iris at story time in the morning (where they do a lot of clapping songs and sing Zoom Zoom Zoom), and later ask her what she did today, she might say, "Library. Iris. Read books. Clap. Zoom zoom!" Yesterday she had been reading books with daddy, and then she came to see me. She told me, "Kablammy!" I asked who went kablammy because I didn't know what she was talking about, and she said, "Napping House. Kablammy baby!" So apparently daddy was reading her The Napping House

She has also starting singing songs to herself, asking us to sing specific songs with specific verses, and dancing along to songs that have dance moves. Yesterday she wanted us to sing Old MacDonald, so she said, "ayayayay! Cows! Moo moo moo moo!" She would also sing E-i-e-i-o with us every time we said it, and then yell out the next animal she wanted after every verse. She does similar things with a bunch of songs now. When she is in her carseat I hear her singing to herself. She was singing a bubble song that we sing, "Bubbles bubbles bubbles. Pop pop!" And a song I sing about rocking in a chair "Ockin chair ockin chair Baby baby baby" She doesn't really sing them right, but it's so cute. She does all the moves to Barnyard Dance (and actually has the whole book memorized!), and today at the library they were doing a little dance and she came home and started singing it and doing all the moves. It's crazy how fast she picks things up lately.

What are they working on now? She is working hard on stairs. She has started walking up them instead of crawling whenever there is a railing, and she is becoming a pro at sliding down on her butt or belly.
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