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March 25th, 2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by smsturner View Post
Hi Samantha.
I remember talking to you before on the oct 13 board a lot.

I remember we were very similar with this pregnancy... we both had two, both went perfectly, both had m/s before- but not now, both in our thirties...

I know what you mean. I go back and forth between thinking these last 2.5 months were a total dream, and I never was pregnant, and thinking that I can't believe I can drink pepsi again, or change the cat box. I should be pregnant and not able to do any of it.

I'm so sorry you're here honey. I'm so sorry about all of it.
I hope you find out what is the perfect thing to do next, and it works out perfectly for you...
Thank you for your response! I actually think about you all the time. It breaks my heart every time someone on our DDC gets that devastating news, but I have to say, I really cried when you posted. I felt like it was happening to one of my best friends, probably because our stories were so similar and some people you just connect with more than others, kwim?

I'd really like to remain friends with you! I also truly hope that everything works out perfectly for you as well and that you get your 'together' baby asap!!!
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