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March 25th, 2013, 01:07 PM
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Hi everyone!

I've had a busy day! We dropped Sam's car off bright and early, should be done any time now. Got home and fixed the littles breakfast, then chased my tarp through the property so we could go to the dump. While out that way we stopped at their small courthouse and got Sam's car registered. I love how we can go to any county to register our vehicles, the one by the dump never has a wait.

Once done there we headed home, as we were coming into town I saw a box in front of someones house that said free. Sam was going so fast I could only see a pretty wood shelf with a hanging bar on it. She decides to turn to around cause the shelf would be perfect for her bathroom. Wow we got a good find, most of it was brand new too.

We got..

Brand new curtains, perfect for Sam's place were they are using sheets.
2 purses. I kept the leather Sam kept a polka dot one.
Brand new oak picture frames. five of them
A bunch of doilies and decorative towels. Sam kept.
A bunch of scrap booking stuff.
Those knitting kits, the circular kind, with all the sizes.
A bunch of cookbooks. We are already picking out new recipes to try.
Yarn, a bunch of it, and the expensive kind. Stuff I'd never buy.
And a cross stitching thing, but I don't know how to cross stitch so if anyone wants it let me know. It's Christmas themed.

Well know that I wrote a novel. I'll go find something else to do lol
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