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March 25th, 2013, 01:08 PM
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do you agree about this vasectomy?

So the neighbor's 4 year old had a birthday party yesterday. #2,3,4, and 5 went over there with a gift for this party. About 30 minutes after they got there, Rob and I both hear screaming coming from outside. The dad and his sister got into an all out brawl, the mom calls the cops.... my kids all come home two of them in tears. Rob had to give a statement to the cops (didn't have to write it since he didn't want to press any charges about noise violations or anything), then Rob goes over there to yell at the dad, and Grandma is drunk of her ***, I walk over there after a bit too, grandma tries to kiss me on the lips (w.t.french toast)... Then she left about 30 minutes later too. I let the girls go back over and finish birthday party stuff, and eat the pizza have cake while we were there. It was like 9:00 so Brittany (mom) asked if girls could sleep over, fine, no one was there but immediate family.
About 1 in the morning I wake up to this weird noise, and grandma is out there just pounding on the door for like 20 minutes. Brittany didn't let her in, I talked to her to see if I should come get my kids, she said they were fine, I physically saw grandma leave on foot, I go back to bed, fall asleep finally.. THEN TODAY Brittany comes over and says grandma came back saying she's cold, has no where to go, going to kill herself etc, so they had to have cops pick her up and bring her to the hospital.
I don't know that my kids are going to be allowed over there at all anymore. Of course I'll be called 'racist' but if this is how every birthday party is, an all out ghetto pullin weave brawl, my kids don't need to be part of it.
If my kids ever bring any of that kind of 'drama' into my family when they get older they will be disowned. I'm not dealing with that ****.

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