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March 25th, 2013, 02:10 PM
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Once you get your hosts and those of you who are active have racked up plenty of posts, you'll be able to discuss and agree requirements for a private group and your hosts can make a private group they can moderate themselves here on JM (in Groups area):
JustMommies Message Boards - Social Groups

If they need help they can just give me a shout. Then, if they PM Rachel or Twinkle (the admins) they will link it through so it looks like a subforum here on the DDC.

I personally don't recommend making an FB group. I have seen more than one JM board simply die because of FB groups. And it seems unfair on those who prefer JM when after all, everyone met and made friends on JM, if you kwim (yeah I know I'm a mod and I'm biased but still).

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