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March 25th, 2013, 05:57 PM
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I know in Oklahoma the state requirements state:

Child restraint Required : <5
Adult seat belt permissible: 6-12, >or equal to 40lbs in rear seat

I believe national recommendation is: 4ft 9 or when the carseat belt fits properly across the chest and lap, or possibly until age 12.

If you want you could always follow one of the strictest states law. Tennesse & Wyoming are two of the most strictest an there laws state:
Child restraint required:<1 (or <20) in rear-facing infant seat; 1 - 3 (and >20) in forward-facing infant seat; 4 - 8 (and <4'9") in booster seat; <8 (and <4'9") in rear seat if available; rear seat recommended for 9 - 12
adult seat belt permissable: 9 - 15 (or <12 and >4'9")
I hope that helps
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