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March 25th, 2013, 07:17 PM
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Im so sorry
Everything you are feeling is completely normal. Its normal to be sad and its normal to feel angry and bitter. And then once you start feeling better and a little more like yourself, it will be normal to feel guilty about that.
I still get really mad about everything thats happened. Im mad at the world. I saw a woman at the grocery store a couple days ago with a little tiny newborn, and she didnt have a hat or socks on that baby! I was soooo angry. I judged her immediatly, in my head I was calling her a bad mother, and asking why are 'people like that' able to have babies and I cant? But really, Im just bitter...It was a pretty warm day, and I dont know her or whats going on in her life. Maybe her washer broke, I dont know...
And I get angry at people who are upset over "little" my coworker whos car was hit while she was in the store. Why was she making such a big deal about it? Thats not even a REAL problem. God, her life must be so hard...
Everything about this situation is terrible. The endless ttc, leading to the happiest day of your life, leading to crushing heartbreak... I know all too well.
I know there is nothing I can really tell you that will make you feel any better right now, but just know that Im thinking about you, and you are NOT alone. (((Big Hugs)))
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