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March 25th, 2013, 07:21 PM
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Cute color schemes for the nursery. Yes we have a few names picked out I am on the fence about the girl names because I like 2 of them a lot ...boy name we have 1 picked out but I am not sure I wanna stick with it ...I am starting to like the name Ace I joked around about it a few weeks ago but it is growing on me honestly. This is DEFINITELY without a doubt the last one , definitely lol we will have 5 combined more than I ever thought I would have. No nursery theme yet because I am unsure if baby will be in our room or our youngest DD room and if baby will be with her we have some major thinking to do lol! Once we know the gender though I will settle on a theme and I am sure go way overboard with everything like I did with my DD...before she was born from my mom, myself, her dad, and my shower she was set until 3 years old it was ridiculous and it still is lol we are bad I was just looking at her shoe collection she has about 60 pairs and we just gave away a garbage bag's my mom's fault I blame her for making me a shopper lol!!!!!

Oh can't wait to hear what you are having tomorrow and my girl names are:

Ava Lauryn (like Ralph Lauren)
Ay'den Noelle

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