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March 25th, 2013, 07:52 PM
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12dpo and nothing but stark white HPTs, so I'm counting myself out for this cycle. When I do get pregnant, I always get BFPs by 10dpo.

My history in a nutshell is:

2 healthy pregnancies (born 7-09 and 11-10), followed by 3 consecutive miscarriages, which is what sent me to an RE. 3 more "chemicals" in the first few months of seeing the RE. Then, no more pregnancies of any kind since. I've done 3 rounds of 50mg Clomid, and am finishing up my 2nd cycle on Femara (AF should be here in a couple days). Prior to starting the Femara, my RE said we'd try 3 rounds, and then we'd think about testing for more out there/odd things. She did not say if a new med would be used. It seems, however, that my initial problem of habitual m/c is now compounded by infertility. She says its "troubling" that I haven't had a "real" pregnancy in over a year.

So.....I was feeling alright this cycle, laid back and very hopeful actually because our timing was perfect. Now that I know it didn't work, I'm incredibly impatient again and I have zero hope for a third cycle of Femara and kind of don't want to even try it for a 3rd time. I seriously want to just call up my RE and be like.....there's obviously something wrong, let's skip the weak stuff and move on to something with a higher success rate. Is that ridiculous that I'm already giving up hope on the Femara? What should I do? I honestly feel like, if it hasn't helped already, and Clomid hasn't either, then maybe I just don't respond well to oral fertility meds.

What do you think? What would you do? Is there anything I should suggest or ask my RE about? She has been pretty open so far to my thoughts on things.

Sorry this is long....

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