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March 25th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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They did the saline ultrasound last year, as well as the whole recurrent pregnancy loss blood test panel. Three things turned up from that - PAI- 4G/4G mutation, compound heterozygous MTHFR, and borderline lupus anticoagulant. Neither of the REs I have seen (they work in the same practice, just different sides of town) think that either of them are any cause of concern (although I've read that other REs think differently). The first said I should do heparin twice daily from the time I get a positive HPT. The RE I see currently (because she is closer to where I live) says the heparin is not necessary since my results with the lupus anticoagulant were borderline, but said I could do it if I wanted to and she wouldn't be opposed to it.

I've asked if there is anything left to test for and my RE said they've pretty much done everything already. I asked about repeating and she said that is not necessary. The only thing that she says is left is genetic karyotyping of both my husband and I, however, it is highly unlikely that we have an issue there because of the fact that we had two healthy children. Oh, and as for an HSG, my RE said I don't need that because she and the other RE are confident in the results of the saline one.

I think the testing that she said would come next is stuff like the immunologic stuff, which seems pretty controversial in the world of reproductive endocrinology...from what I've read.

I think we've moved beyond just trying to figure out why I kept having miscarriages. Now I can't even get pregnant to know if anything would work (progesterone, heparin, etc.).

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