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March 26th, 2013, 03:04 AM
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This is an open-ended one and how many points you get for it depends very much how willing you are to sit and post the day away.

This one is an Easter word game! You need to think of as many words as possible which can be Easter-fied by adapting them to include the word "eggs".

For example, in the Top Stories on JM at the moment there is one called "Easter Eggs-travaganza". So if I wasn't using this one as an example, eggs-travaganza would earn you one point.

You can play as many times as you like but you may not double post (which means you have to wait for another player to post one before you can respond with another one).

By all means you can all continue the game for the rest of the week, but only plays which are made today and tomorrow (26th & 27th March) will count for points. I will be collecting the points on the morning of 28th March GMT and any words played after that time will not count.

So off you go!

Edited to add:

Don't worry about repeats, I'll catch those when I'm counting up. If I don't "like" one of your entries, you can assume it's a repeat (or check back if you don't trust me ).

The game was to find words in which you could substitute "eggs" for a portion of the word.

I will therefore be allowing all words where "eggs" has replaced "ex", "egs" or "ecc".

There are a few where you've used "egg" instead of an "a" sound and I won't be allowing those. Not that some of them aren't very clever, cos they are.

Also - I am not being held responsible for people not doing their housework or arriving late at work! I'm not sitting behind you making you type!

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