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March 26th, 2013, 05:50 AM
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I relate with you on the having 2 perfect pregnancy and kids, but always wanting that 3rd. After 2 years of ttc and nothing I had given up on a 3rd and was content in that fact. Then I got pregnant and was soooo in love with my baby, so happy to finally be getting that 3rd baby. Then everything seemed fine until almost 12 weeks when I lost my baby (thinking this would never happen to me, I had perfect pregnancies) So of course after that I was scared to even try again, but I wanted that 3rd baby so bad that we tried again, and got pregnant right away. Me being silly I was thinking well not many have 2 m/c so I should be good, ended up losing that baby at 7 weeks. After that I swore I was done!! But 3 months or so later that desire for that 3rd baby creeped back in so we tried again and got pregnant right away! So I know how it feels to still REALLY want that 3rd baby. I wish you luck in whatever you do decide to do!! So sorry again for your loss!!
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