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March 26th, 2013, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by cutenurse24 View Post
Hello Ladies!!!

Sorry it is so late in the day but DS and I have been busy today. Without further delay I am pleased to announce that picture girl of the week for this week is..........babygirlbaby!!!!!!
So go ahead and ask for pics and or ask her questions

Pic of you with DH
Pic of those two handsome boys
Pic of least favorite room to clean
Story of how you and DH met

Love Ya'll,
Sarah Jane
DH and I in Mexico this past Christmas

My guys These 2 are from last week!

Least favorite room to clean... bathroom! DH + 2 little boys make it nasty!

Story of how DH and I met.... we met in 7th grade when I moved to a new town and schools. We started dating in 8th grade and the rest is history Been together ever since.

Originally Posted by Faith231 View Post
Pic of todays hairstyle
Pic of living room
Pic of your house
Today's hairstyle. I don't have to work tonight, so this is what my hair looka like I love lazy hair days!

Living room! Or should I say playroom! LOL The side I'm sitting on the take the photo has couches and a little more space WITHOUT toys

Our house We bought it almost a year ago. It's an old farmhouse and needs some work, but it's ours!

Originally Posted by blakesgirl09 View Post
Pic of your car
pic of your wedding dress
pic of your ring
pic of your favorite book!
Our car...and the backside of DH

Wedding dress


Favorite book(s)

Originally Posted by bella88 View Post
Pic of you doing something silly
Pic of your handbag
Pic of your favourite breakfast food
Silly in Mexico

Handbag. I have a lot of purses, but this is my favorite because it can carry my camera as well!

Favorite breakfast food. Cinnastack French Toast from IHop!! Mmmmmm
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